The PS-704 is a four-channel, single-rack-space intercom power supply that features Clear-Com’s “fail-safe” design for maximum reliability.
The power supply delivers 2 amps at 30 volts, supplying power for one to four channels of intercom. It will support up to 40 beltpacks, 10 speaker stations or 12 headset stations.
In the event of a DC short circuit or current overload on a channel, the electronic overload protection circuit will shut down the DC output to that channel. The other channels will continue operating normally. As soon as the fault condition is removed the “auto-reset” circuitry will automatically restore system power, even under full load conditions.
Unlike other intercom systems, there is no need to disconnect remote stations to allow the power supply to reset. For increased system capacity or backup redundancy, two or more power supplies can be connected in parallel.
In addition to providing system operating power, the PS-704 offers four channels of intercom with switchable line terminations for each channel. Two parallel XLR connectors per channel are provided.
The power supply connects to remote stations with standard 2- conductor shielded mic cable.
The PS-704 accepts a line-level program input signal, with a global input-level control. Front-panel-mounted program on/off switches and level controls for each channel allow the user to feed program audio to any or all of the intercom channels.
The DC power status of each channel may be monitored with the individual “short” LED’s. If a channel is overloaded or develops a short, the LED for that channel will light. The unit’s universal power supply will accept input voltages between 100 and 240 VAC, for trouble-free use anywhere. Unitized chassis construction of heavy-gauge aluminum and an extra-thick front panel create a rugged, durable steel, able to withstand the rigors of portable use.
The PS-704 conforms to the highest standards of performance, providing trouble-free service over a wide range of environmental conditions.

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